13 Commandments for Selling from Stage


  1. Environment (Planning the process). You must be prepared to manage the emotion, state, behavior and actions of your client (and yourself). That means you have to have objectives for each section, a plan in terms of outcome, and a plan for selling. Never try and just wing it.
  2. Build rapport at a conscious and subconscious level in a short period of time. Students, clients, or attendees must like and respect you. Therefore, you must relate to them personally.
  3. Permission Frame. Ask permission to be direct, open, and make suggestions for change in their business, life or product selection. Gain permission to guide them through the process.
  4. Agreement Frame. Get the client to agree with you and your process at a conscious and subconscious level, often done by use of questions. Get folks to comply.
  5. Conditioned response. Get your client or prospect to respond in a certain way. This requires a conditioning of thought and mind. Yes, that can be manipulative. It’s OK.
  6. Plan specific directions or actions to take during the presentation.
  7. Body Language. Ensure your verbal message matches your body language message. Be strong and confident. Also, use non-verbal behavior to influence the group or audience.
  8. Future Pace the process. There are two parts to “future” pacing actions and behaviors. The first is to preview the sales process; the second is to preview the post-sales process. You reduce buyer’s remorse, cancellations and refunds.
  9. Society Pressures. There are societal pressures that influence a decision or process. It is the law of reciprocation, or legitimacy. We must use them in our presentations to bring us closer to YES.
  10. Manage Behaviors. Establish what are acceptable behaviors and actions and what are not, with rewards and punishments.
  11. Repetition of themes. Repetition of major themes, benefits, and messages ensure the communication was received.
  12. Story messages. The use of stories can be effective sales techniques – just ask Zig Ziglar.
  13. Nothing beats direct closing techniques for results. You must know 15 closes.

The majority of this material applies to a group sales process; however, it is easily applied to personal one-on-one sales presentation. Learn and Earn.

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