7 Greatest Money Mistakes


Mistake # 1: Paying Too Much Tax.


One third to one half of your personal wealth is going to come from tax planning. If you do not believe that you are a fool. Look at your existing expenses. The number one expense for everyone is either tax or housing. It is your right under the law to pay the least amount of tax possible (under the law). That means you can structure your life, structure your finances to pay the least amount of tax possible. And there are simple and powerful techniques that can make a major difference in your tax life (not to mention improve your financial position).


Take a look at these simple examples:


  • If you rent you are missing out on the interest deduction, which could lower your tax bill by $5,000-15,000 each year. Most people who do not own a house say they can’t afford it. Truth is you cannot afford to be without one. If money, credit or down payment is stopping you check out our Real Estate materials.
  • If you take vacations and could turn those vacations in to “tax deductible” trips, you could take more of them or get money back from the government for taking

those trips. There are a half dozen ways to make trips tax deductible.

  • If you took money out of your brokerage account and paid tax you could have reduced that to 15% tax rate (or less).

Tax strategies make the difference between the poor and wealthy. And it seems

on the wealthy know them or can afford them. Not any longer, through our tax defense program you can learn 44 ways to cut your tax bill in less than 30 days.

A simple effective and proven plan to cut your taxes in half and at the same time

improve the quality of your living.


Mistake # 2: Paying Too Much for Insurance.


We are taught about insurance from “insurance professionals”. Interesting that they are paid commission to teach us. There are some good insurance agents out there in the market place. They are interested in providing you with good quality insurance at low prices. However, there are some agents out there that are more concerned about their pay check than yours.


Life Insurance. Generally we want to buy Term life insurance. It is pure insurance. Meaning there is no savings or investment associated with the insurance. You pay just for the insurance. Premiums (cost) is lower than Universal or Whole life policies. To get the best at the lowest rates visit our Quote Service. Get instant insurance quotes from over 300 insurance companies. No obligation. It will quote a variety of rates and choices. Another choice may be Variable Universal Life, because it allows you to control

the investment portion of your life insurance. By the way if you currently have Universal or Whole life polices you can covert them to Universal Life.


Car Insurance. When it comes to the typical automobile insurance policy, there are four major areas of coverage:


  • Bodily injury liability (including personal injury protection in “no-fault” states), in case you injure someone with your car.
  • Property damage liability, in case you run into someone else’s property.
  • Comprehensive, in case your car is vandalized, stolen, or in some other way damaged by someone else.
  • Collision, in case you damage your own car.


Each of these four areas has its own deductible. Cost cutting here is a three step process:


  • Contact your auto loan lender to determine the maximum allowable deductible for each area.
  • Apply for a credit card that has no annual fee and a reasonably low interest rate with a limit equal to your total deductible. Once obtained, place this credit card in your file with your insurance policy and forget you have it.
  • Raise your insurance deductibles to the maximum limits.


If you raise your deductible from $500 to $1000, that extra $500 you might some day be responsible for will be saved in reduced premiums over a period of a few months. In the event you ever have a need for your insurance, use the credit card to pay your deductible and pay off the balance over a period of time that is comfortable for you. By doing so, you have avoided a financial strain on yourself, and “self-insured” a portion of your automobile.


If your car is an older model, avoid collision insurance.   Collision insurance is normally a more expensive coverage than a coverage that may be substituted such as comprehensive.

Avoid incidental coverage’s such as auto medical coverage.      If you are in a no-fault state, use medical insurance instead of personal injury protection if your state allows you to do so.       Substitute transportation, which covers rental cars, towing, and

insurance auto club memberships are very overpriced and should also be avoided

(especially if you are already a member of AAA).


Some states require car owners to maintain “no-fault” coverage. If your state is one that does require it, of course you must maintain the coverage. But, if your state does not require the coverage, get rid of it because it only duplicates other coverage you will have.


Mistake # 3: Not having a Financial Blueprint for Life and Retirement.


It is estimate that the typical North American will make 2 million dollars in their life time. Most will retire with a few pennies and perhaps a less than adequate pension. If fact the static’s at age 65 are scary. At age 65 this is what most people retire to:


  • 22% Must Continue to Work past age 65
  • 28% Rely on Welfare or Social Security


  • 45% Depend on their family to live and exist
  • 4% Meet the basic needs of life (food and shelter)
  • 1% Truly Financially Independent


Of the people who are financially independent the most common reason they expressed that help them “make it” was: starting early and having a plan. A blueprint for success. Your blueprint must have the following:


  • Tax reduction plan.
  • Compounding of investments to maximized funds at retirement.
  • A return of 15% or greater over time.
  • Asset Protection. One 4 people will be sued this year!
  • Investment in Real Estate. Your own property and investment property. Using leverage to

build wealth.

  • A business for tax deductions and building wealth.
  • Product discounts and savings plans. Coupons. Shopping cards. Wholesale relationships.


We provide a benefits package to our members that can save $1000 to $5000 EVERY YEAR. If you are interested in placing your self on the path to savings and wealth building join our program to day. One of the first steps in our programs is to do a complete Financial Review for you and then build a wealth building plan for success.


Mistake # 4: Not Receiving a 15% or Greater Return on Your Investment


A lot of people have money in CD’s earning 3-4%. You know what CD stands for “Certificate of Death”. It is death to your long term wealth. There are many better choices out there than Certificates of Deposit (CD).

A simple choice would be to put your money in no-load mutual funds. The “no-load” means there is not the typical 5-7% commission (the load) paid to the broker (sales

rep). Who is usually broker than you, by the way.


IRA’s, Keogh’s and 401K’s are great investment vehicles because of there tax

deferment too. If you start or own a small business you can create your own retirement program (in addition the one you have at work). What most people do not understand

is the power of investing in these financial instruments. When you put money in to

these you automatically make 30% (your tax bracket) on your money. That is awesome! We make 30% before we even begin to make money in the stock market or

mutual fund or what ever your IRA invests in. You must max these out every year!


Individual stock investing and day trading can make a big difference. The skill is getting the big returns with out much risk. And there dozens of investment strategies. Check out our investments section for some recommendations and winning strategies.


Tax lien certificates can be another great choice. You can earn up to 22% in less than 6 months. Guaranteed by the government.


Mistake # 5: Not Owning Your Home!


A major mistake. There are 3 important reasons you should own your own home. First, it is one of the best tax breaks possible. The interest on the borrowed money is tax deductible. That means you can shelter some of your existing income. For a new home in that first few years almost all of the monthly payments is interest. If you have a

$1000 per month payment almost all of it is tax deductible. So at the end of the year you can right off almost $12,000 against your income. That can mean a $3000 or more

tax savings. Second, owning a home and paying it off over 15 or 30 years gives you an

appreciating asset. The house will appreciate about 4% per year (national average). In addition you are paying of the principal every month, creating equity. At the end of 15

or 30 years the home is yours and it has grown substantially in value. The third reason

you want to own a home is leverage. Leverage in real estate means we use a little bit of money to control a large asset. An example, if I buy a home with $5000 down and it

is worth $100,000, I now control asset of 100k. Interesting that each year the asset will

increase in value of 4%. Which means after the first year the asset is worth $104,000. So in essence I spent $5000 to get a $4000. Are you with me? Each year the asset is

going to grow another 4% (another $4000–actually more but I am keeping the number

simple). $4000 each year times 15 years is $60,000 (in appreciation–increased value). When I sell the house I will make this money. And all I did was put up $5000 initially. A

good return on investment and a great example of leverage.


Houses are great investments. In fact we must buy a home for our family and we should strongly consider investing in housing. The power of leverage, appreciation and equity build up can make you wealthy. Not to mention the outstanding opportunity around buy and selling foreclosures, distressed (run down) properties, or renting homes out and making monthly cash flow.


Mistake # 6: Not having A Small Business


There are thousands of success stories about a small business that started in a back bedroom or garage that are now worth Millions, some even Billions. Microsoft, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Apple just to name a few. Perhaps you have the next brilliant idea, product or service that can make millions. May be the idea can just generate enough money for you to quite your existing job. You know what job stands for don’t you? Just Over Broke. Or may be the you can just use the small business to reduce your taxes this year? Did you know through your small business you can take the following deductions:


  • Convert the allowance you pay your children to a wage they earn in your small business.
  • Write off $20,000 in business equipment each year. I know in my business I need to use a

VCR, a TV, a camcorder. Do you see any possibilities?

  • Vehicle expenses related to business.
  • Health insurance.
  • Vacations. Now business trips. Find out the rules and use them.


Small business gives us immediate tangible tax deductions we write off against our current income. We can in a few minutes show you how to write off 10, 20 even

$30,000 in tax deductions this year. That could mean a refund or tax reduction of

$3,000 to $10,000 this year from the tax man. In fact our staff specialize in helping people find those missing deductions. We developed a very cool program that does not cost much but has big rewards. It is our Tax Deduction Review Program and it is Free!


Make money. Save money. Perhaps find that special business that is personally rewarding and financially prosperous. Every one should have a small business.


Mistake # 7: Not having Asset Protection


Did you know when you die, if you have not planned the event properly, up to 73% of all your money, and assets could be lost? Check out the following chart of famous people and the loss of their estates.





Gross Estate


Total Settlement


Net Estate



William E. Boeing 22,388,158 10,589,748 11,796,410 47%
Marilyn Monroe 819,178 448,750 370,426 55%
Elvis Presley 10,185,434 7,374,635 2,790,799 73%
J.P. Morgan 17,121,482 11,893,691 5,227,791 69%
John D. Rockefeller, Sr. 26,905,182 17,124,988 9,780,194 64%


I know what you are saying. Well I do not have nearly that amount of money. Well let me tell you something surprising. If you own a home, a car, some life insurance, and or have a retirement account (401k, IRA)…..You need an asset protection plan. There is a good chance not all of the value will be passed on to your heirs and or it will be taxed at higher rates than you want. Or your heirs want.


In addition right now we are a litigious nation. Everyone is getting sued. Studies indicate that one out of four people in our nation will get sued. Easily it could be you. How would you feel if you had to sell your house to settle a law suite or lost everything because you were not prepared.&

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