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Jim Francis

Spent time with great mentors like: Tony Robbins, Charles Givens, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Marshall Sylver, Dr Donald Moine, Harvey Mackay, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, & Many others.

Personally promoted speakers in Toronto, Canada, as well as, and promoted live 5-20k person, business events with Get Motivated and Success Resources.

Trained over 500,000 people in live workshops. Real Estate, Stock, Internet, and Small Business.

Teaches speakers and salespeople to sell more effectively. Has a hands on Sales Training course and new book called Sales Code.

Started and developed over 14 companies for himself and others, domestically and internationally. All in the Seminar and Training arena.

Took own company public, with 2 partners, in 1996. Build it from zero to over 108 Million in less than 5 years.

Still speaks and sells from stage, closing on average 20-30% of the audience.

Invests in, Real Estate, and the stock market.

Has limited number of business consultant clients, mostly in the workshop and seminar business.

He has consulted for: Profit Strategies Group, Opitonetics, WiseTrade, Tigrent, Marshal Sylver, Jay Abraham, Tigrent UK, Tigrent USA, Get Motivated, Success Resources International, and Elite Legacy Education.

Next Steps...

Jim loves to teach. You can find him teaching a wealth workshop, training a group of speakers or sales people or doing a personal mentorship. If you want to contact him, or purchase one of his programs, click the button.