Self Study Credit Spread System

$ 997 for the KIT

Gets you on the path to financial freedom and wealth. The system includes: 8 hours of video education. 2 Workbooks. Members only web site. Post reminder videos. All kinds of "Cheat" sheets. Charting patterns. Candlestick trading. Covered Calls.

Credit Spread Mentorship

$ 14,997 can Change Your LIFE!

Trade 3 years in 3 days. Detailed, step by step instructions, and LIVE practice.  1 year of my personal support. Members only website. You will KNOW how to TRADE! Plus I teach you a few bonus systems and trading techniques. Covered Calls. Futures Market. Charting patterns. Candlestick trading.

Asset Protection

If you make it, they will come! Assets, Attract, Attention. You must protect your wealth from a variety of potential problems. Lawsuits. IRS investigations. Tax Liens. Prying eyes. I have a GREAT Asset Protection Kit, that makes you bullet proof. Educational videos, workbooks, forms, letter, but most important SOFTWARE to get the work done. Lawyers will charge thousands per form.      $ 2997

Personal or Group Mentorship

Jim ONLY does Credit Spread Mentorships. Most of the time they are done one on one (a couple), for 3 solid days. During the 3 days you will:

  • Trade 3 years in 3 days.
  • Learn how the brokerage account works.
  • Make over 100 "virtual" trades.
  • Learn the important indicators, charts and candlestick patterns.
  • Protect your account.
  • Live TRADE, if u want too.

Here are just a few Success Stories

97% Success Rate & 7.5% per Month Hi Jim. I want to thank you for teaching me this amazing trading system. I have been trading this specific system for over 4 years now, and over that time had 97% success rate! I average around 7.5% return on the money invested each month, (thats over 70% on money annually)! It has allowed me to have a great outlook for my family's future. Thank you again!

Mahmoud Sheikh (Toronto)

Best Decision I Ever Made! Hello Jim, I have been trading credit spread system since 2011 (5 plus years now). The results are exactly as promised,. My profits per month are between 6 to 8 Percent on the the money invested. And with Money Management, I learned, I earn about 60% and sometimes more than that per year. Thanks so much Jim. You have taught me a tremendous system. It has changed our financial future. Best decision I ever made. Thank you

Nabila C (Toronto)

7 Percent Per Month! I have been using your system for the last year, and average about 7% per month. Thank you. Thank you. For your knowledge and sharing.

John (Tampa)

Jim is very engaging & fun… Jim is very engaging. He kept the training light hearted and fun. The repetition of 2 plus years of back trading helped me learn how to use TOS as second nature. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning how to generate cash flow to take Jims credit spread mentorship.

Verlyn Wolfe (Sacramento).

GOOD mentor! Jim is very helpful and a very good mentor. I am glad to have him for the next year. I find him very patient as a teacher. He gave his all.

Clyde M (Sacramento).

Repetition the mother of SKILL Great repetition. Building confidence. Very through in cover a broad topic in great detail. The subject was dissected in a comprehensive and understandable manner. Really terrific.

D. W. (Sacramento).

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