TEA Principle

One of my mentors said, “Jim. Do you cut your grass?”. I answered “yes.” He then said, “That is the reason you are not rich.” What on earth was he talking about?

The answer was simple. Either you invest time, or you spend time. I was spending time. Spending time on the wrong activities and efforts. Therefore getting the wrong result. If I had spent that time working on revenue generation, rather than saving 5 bucks an hour (you can always find some one to cut your grass for 5 bucks an hour), I could get a greater result in my life. Life results are about how you spend your time.

As I looked at how I spent my time, and effort, I realized there was a direct relationship, between time, effort and achievement. That in many cases, I wasting time, spending it, not investing in the future. Later in life, I labeled this the TEA principle.

Time + Effort = Achievement

If you want any result, any achievement, you must schedule the time, and effort. Most folks do not schedule their success. They fall in to bad habits, like: eating, watching TV, lying on the couch, unproductive driving, personal errands, lunch, and getting lazy.

Recently, I saw Mark Wahlberg on a TV show. He was talking about his faith, and focus. He had an interesting comment. Every day he goes to church to “stay focused”. Every day he commits the time, and effort.

And he gets results. He has great achievements, but I imagine his relationship with GOD is doing well too.

As I got older, I started to put on weight. Recently, I lost 30 pounds in the last 90 days. The only difference was exercise for 40 minutes EVERY day. NO matter what. Time and effort equals achievement. No matter what. I got home at mid night last night after a long day, and flight. But I am committed (effort, so did my 40 minutes).

My son let his grades slip recently (hockey, work, and girlfriends can get in the way sometimes). So we applied the TEA principle. Every day for 1 hour, he must study….. Period. The Time and Effort will get achievement.

I asked Charles J Givens how he wrote 4 best sellers. He said “Simple from 7am to 10am every day I write”. There is no question I will have more books. Shame he passed away. Bet there were dozens more great books on the way.

Take the time each day. Make the effort each day. And achievement is on the way.Tea

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