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18 Considerations for Succes!

Here are some for consideration for Success:

  • Enjoy the ride it is over before you know. Make time for: health, family, self, bucket list activities as well as success.
  • Faith leads the way. Faith in god. Faith in self. Faith tomorrow is a brighter day.
  • Dreaming belongs to everyone. Not just the young. In fact it keeps you young.
  • Success requires a time commitment. Commit 2 hours a week.
  • Break the work bondage cycle. Make your money make money.
  • Mentors are worth their weight in Gold. Buy them. Work for them. Surround yourself with them. Be the dumbest person in the group….. But not for long.
  • When you learn you earn. Earning does not happen without the “L”.
  • Put only good gas in the engine. A positive attitude keeps the engine strong.
  • Anger is your worst enemy. It steals your energy and ruins the engine.
  • Desire, determination, and persistence are more important than talent.
  • Let the little things slide. Who cares if they leave the socks on the floor, or drive a different route than you would have taken?
  • Relationships require interest, time, respect, and forgiveness. Invest in the people you care about, even if they do not reciprocate.
  • Winning is important. Yes, congratulate the losers. But life is not about being even.
  • Take responsibility for your life. You are the creator. Success and failures.
  • Have a grateful and generous heart. Every day, every event, and every person is a blessing. Even if you cannot see it yet.
  • Use the 10 percent solution. 10% (or more) of every dollar needs to go to your future (self, or investment).
  • Take a step forward even if you are afraid. Courage makes champions.
  • Luck happens with preparation meets opportunity!