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21 Free or Inexpensive Marketing Strategies

I was teaching a business workshop recently, and someone asked, If you had a limited budget for marketing what would you do? Well, I have as an entrepreneur, had limited budget a few dozen times, and the following strategies have always served me well.

They WORK!

  1. Write articles about related information in publications (i.e., web sites, article submission sites, trade journals, newspapers, local papers and professional publications).
  2. Contact your local community cable station about a potential program on your product. May cable companies have public access and crying for local programming and shows. In particular if it has a great viewership.
  3. Trade your product or service for actual advertising space (radio, television, cable advertising and print advertising will trade). Your products and services have a retail value. Many advertisers, need them. Cut a deal. Trade for free marketing.
  4. Piggyback advertising with existing product marketing. Every month millions of letters, newsletters, and publications go out. They are paying for the direct mail, or marketing promotion. Get your product included. Give the 50% of the deal or profit. Especially if the products complement each other.
  5. Post flyers in high traffic locations (i.e., bulletin boards of churches, community centers, malls, sports arenas, etc.). A popular tactic now a days are signs, stuck in the ground. Just be careful of code enforcement, which can fine you.
  6. Become an expert and market on radio and television shows. (Start with some local stations). People love to work with the expert. A book can help you with expert status.
  7. Get telemarketing operations (service bureaus) to work strictly on a commission basis. Suggest a test.
  8. Hire staff strictly on a commission-only basis.
  9. Become a speaker on the free circuit. Lots of organizations want free advice and will allow you a mini-sales presentation. 100 million dollar companies have used this strategy successfully.
  10. Check your newspaper announcement section. A number of these are free!
  11. Attend association meetings and network. Ask for free marketing in their newsletters.
  12. Join network groups and exchange leads, programs.
  13. Donate your product or service to charity and let the press know. Receive free press releases.
  14. Stage a controversial demonstration and let the press know.
  15. Give business cards to everyone you meet, in line at the supermarket, at the movies, everywhere.
  16. Hold free introductory events at schools, colleges, churches or sports halls.
  17. Get stores to post your flyer in their window or give you some shelf space on speculation.
  18. Provide stores with a sample product to be sold on consignment (i.e., you get paid if it sells).
  19. Join speaking groups and make your speeches on your product or company.
  20. Put a sign in your car, window or on your house.
  21. Leave brochures or flyers in lobbies, stores, restaurants or waiting rooms. You might get some irate phone calls, but you will gets some sales too.

These are just a few great free strategies, to increase your sales performance. If youwant some more ideas visit