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Finding Products to Sell

Wow. If you are saying you don’t have something to sell, where have you been? Under a ROCK? Man there are kinds of things to sell.

Even worst, if you are saying well I don’t have money for inventory. Who said you need money for inventory.

Here is a simple plan.

  1. Find or make a database. (Facebook, website, instagram, podcast).
  2. Match a product to the database.
  3. Join affiliate programs that sell those products.
  4. Market to the database.
  5. Repeat until Rich!

Now after that, you might have a few dollars to consider expanding your business. It make a little research to find, develop, private label, or create products (hopefully with your brand). Consider these sources to get inventory:

  • Google. Do a search for manufactures of the product you want. For example, Manufactures of SKIN cream (in location). Or anything you want to make.
  • Access to thousands of products in China.
  • Access to a variety of product vendors.
  • Access to a variety of product vendors.
  • Write your own book (have someone else write it).
  • Build your own video products for sale.

That should get you on the path. There are hundreds of suppliers, vendors, and manufactures, waiting for you.