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Simple & Effective Websites

So you want to make a fortune on the Internet? You can! The Internet is very exciting and dynamic. It kind of reminds me of the gold rush. Everyone seems to flocking to the net with new ideas and products, expecting to cash in big. A few simple ideas, a website and some marketing and soon you can be rich. Perhaps even become a Billionaire. And according to a recent USA Today one half the Billionaires, made their money from the Internet. You can too, if you follow a few well-chosen steps.

To make it on the net you must have sound marketing. You must focus on sound  marketing principals and strategies. We will focus on several critical areas for our business success:

  • A functional selling design to our web sites.
    • Dynamic offers and campaigns.
    • Writing powerful ad copy.
    • Targeted email campaigns.
    • Working the newsgroups and social media.
    • Working the chatrooms, groups, and communities .
    • The strength of third party endorsements.
    • Two thousand classifieds and growing.
    • Using the Search engines.
    • Joint Ventures a key to success.
    • Remarketing for maximum profit.
    • AutoResponders.
    • Free Marketing.
    • Banner andaffiliate programs.
    • Tracking.

Along the way do not forget to  integrate your existing marketing in to your Internet sales medium. They can go hand in hand. A telemarketing function goes well with Internet leads. Telemarketing is a great way to turn internet leads in to sales. Marketing on the Internet is a dynamic and exciting adventure…

The first place to start your marketing efforts is with your web site design. Keeping in mind a website does not have to look “pretty” to sell products. There are lots of examples of very esthetic websites. They win all the design awards. And in lots of cases they do not sell a thing! Your site must start with some important basics that naturally lead to a sale, offer, action, or next step in the sales process.