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Keys to Wealth!

Ok. This might be a little different than you expect. I am not going to talk about Internet, Marketing, Product, Asset Protection, Taxes, Niche, Funding, or the other 100 things that go into building wealth.

I am going to start with a very simple model, that Tony Robbins taught me. And one I follow all the time.

Wealth has a syntax. Business has a syntax. Internet has a syntax. A receipt to success and achievement. It is often very simple. Follow this plan.

  1. Strategy. Find the strategies to be successful in any discipline. To me this is NOT self discovery. It is not self learning. It means, FIND a MENTOR on that topic. And have them teach and guide with the right strategies.
  2. Belief. It is not enough to know the strategy. You must believe they are going to work, and they are going to work for you. You personal beliefs, about money, wealth, business and internet will spur you on to success or hold you back.
  3. Action. Even if you do not belief, take action. Move forward. I often say, if I do not know, I GO! I go to find out if it will work for me. Often in blind faith. In particular if I am afraid. Afraid of loss, afraid of failure, Or the unknown. I have a belief, When fear raises it ugly head, take a step forward anyway.

That might seem simple but it works. Strategies, Belief and Action will put you in a new financial zip code.