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Starting an Internet Business with Limited Funds

The Internet is a wonderful opportunity to build a business with limited funds, and products. You can find the products on line, through vendors and affiliate programs. Then it is all marketing and selling. You should consider the following strategies:

Strategy: Become an Affiliate for products you purchase anyway.

We all buy products all the time. Buy books (or anything) at Amazon? Why not get paid? Buy stuff at Target, or Office Depot? Get paid. Most companies have affiliate programs. Join them, and buy products you would any way. If you spend $1000 a year get 3-15% back!

Strategy: Sell Amazon products on dedicated websites, and through social media.

Amazon is amazing. They pretty much sell everything. They sell books, toys, music, household goods even groceries. If you can think of a product, it is likely on Amazon. Become an amazon affiliate and get paid to sell products.

A great strategy is too pick a product (a specific product), and then buy a domain name around the product. An example, I did with my son recently. We were talking about travel, and bags. We looked at Travel Pro Bags. We joined the amazon affiliate program, purchased a domain name  Build a simple word press site, at Go Daddy. Joined Google’s Ad Sense to generate some income. And we are in business! Check his site out and press the ad sense and amazon links, to see them working.

Strategy: Join additional affiliate programs that compliment your websites or business.

Once you have the base web site up and running you can consider other products and services to sell. There are thousands of product available at various sites like:

Link Share. Commission Junction. Click Bank

Strategy:Build your own informational product.

Click Bank not only has an affiliate program where you can sell product for other vendors, but you can also build your own product an list with click bank. Therefore, others can sell your product. Here is one of mine, I sell at click bank.

Strategy:Build your own blog.

Get your message out to folks. Provide great content each and every day.