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Warren Buffets approach

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Cut Your Taxes by 50 Percent

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The Power of Mentors

Wealth Wheel Philosophy

M2: Millionaire Matrix

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10 % Can Make You Rich

Explore how using time, compounding, and right rate of return, can make you a fortune. In this article we explore the various timeframe's, rates of return, and the effect on retirement nest eggs. $10,000 can turn into 1 Million with the right strategy and time. Credit Spreads can make a major difference. Read the book below........

Cut Your Tax by 50%

One third to one half your wealth will come through tax planning, and reduction strategies. Think about it. the average american family earns 2 million dollars in their life time. If 30% of that (or more) goes to tax. That is 600k going to the government. Let us save a substantial portion of that tax, through effective tax strategies.

Start Your TAX Plan Today!


Learn this MILLION $$$ skill!

Influence can make you and save you millions. The skill to convince others of your position, the benefits to them, or close a sale can make you rich. Whether that is selling or negotiating you must own these strategies.

You need them even if you are not in the selling profession. To convince your boss, subordinate or even your kids!

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Wealth Wheel

I have had some great mentors in my life. All contributed to my health, wealth and happiness. A few were specifically responsible for my wealth

In fact I took their teachings and developed the Wealth Wheel. A concept that applies to Business, Real Estate and Investing. Use the concept and you are more likely to win the financial game.

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Millionaire Matrix

Over time I built the Millionaire Matrix. A series of wealth strategies in Business, Real Estate and Investing. If you can master these 25 plus strategies you are well on the way to financial independence and wealth

M2 is the basis of my new book M2: Millionaire Matrix. You will love it.

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Real Estate 101

OK. For several years I taught real estate seminars. Still do occasionally. As I was training folks I wrote some real estate materials. For example the 25 Steps to Real Estate investing and a 100 plus strategy manual. If you want one for FREE plus some other goodies, join my free newsletter. Drop by contact or click here now. And you will get these great FREE download right now.

Credit Spreads

Credit spreads are an outstanding strategy for building monthly cash flow and great returns on you money. 5-10 percent per month. No guarantees but highly probable.

You can pick up my ebook for $27.00 ($47.00 if you buy the video too). .

Actually there are 2 ebooks you will receive.

Personal Mentorship

It is reasonable expensive. But if you want to become the Master of Credit Spreads it is worth the money. About once every months or so, I do a one on one 2 day intensive stock mentorship program. Check it out.


Internet 101

If you have been thinking about the internet as a business. This FREE guide will get you started.








Welcome to Personal & Professional Strategies that make a huge difference in your business and financial life! Helping you get on the path to Financial Freedom.

Hi! My name is Jim Francis. In my personal and professional career, I have:

  • Trained and spoken to over 100,000 individuals in workshops.
  • Taken a company from 0 to 46 million in gross sales in less than 3 years.
  • Structured a company through reverse merger, and gone public.
  • Played the real estate game. USA, Canada, UK and even Spain.
  • Trade stocks and investments. I LOVE Credit Spreads.
  • Even wrote 2 books on Trading and a few videos.
  • Held various insurance, & financial licenses (in the past--not now).
  • Developed 11 multi-million dollar seminar companies.
  • Consult for several well know speakers, and seminar companies.
  • Trained over 300 speakers and 3000 sales people.
  • Built passive income through product web sites.
  • Even built a getting started in business site! to help entrepreneurs.

Financial Miracle in Your Life!

Mentorship is the key to quick success. Find them, court them, buy them dinner, attend workshops, schedule personal time, buy their time, or go to work for them. Do anything, to learn their believes and strategies. Rather than cutting a path through the forest (and having the occasional tree fall on you), find someone that knows the path through the forest. Let them lead, you follow, and you will get there much quicker. Check out some of my mentors:

Brian Tracy

(check out what Brian says about me NOW)

Tony Robbins

Ken Blanchard

Napoleon Hill

Jim Rohn

The Rice Brothers

Ron LeGrand

Russ Whitney

Robert Kiyoski

James Smith

Peter Lowe

Ted Rogers

Warren Buffet

William O'Neill

Sir John Templeton

Stephen Pierce

Corey Rudl

I had the rare privilege of spending time with 50 plus Millionaires, and 2 Billionaires across all walks of life and business. Some where real estate investors. Some stock traders. Others just good solid business men. Whenever I was around a "rich" person, I pumped them for information. Strategies, skills, techniques, attitude, beliefs and more. They provided me with 2 GREAT foundational elements to wealth building. Both important to reach financial freedom.

First. Philosophy. Likely the more important of the two. The right philosophy about life, wealth, success and failure can serve you very well. Just a quick note from me. Managing your failures, is much more important than your success in life. For more insight into the beliefs of the 50 Millionaires and 2 Billionaires, check out the article below.

Second. Strategy. Wow. 400 plus strategies. They cover real estate, taxes, asset protection, business, stock and life. In terms of wealth building, I took these strategies, and built the MATRIX. M2: Millionaire Matrix. An overview of key vehicles (real estate, stock and business), defined by Cash Flow, Growth and Speculation. All the time, considering Taxes and Asset Protection. This one Matrix covers it all. If you can master the Matrix, you are RICH!

Let us start with the most important consideration. A safe philosophy of investing (as safe as investing can be, all investing has risk). All investments have risk. You should understand each and ever investment before you invest. In fact, I strongly suggest you get specific education on the topic, a teacher, coach or mentor. To fully understand risks, rewards, and potential mistakes.

45/45/10 Guideline

Not one specific strategy fits all people, and any good financial planner, will tell you have look at: risk tolerance, age, investment objectives, and other factors. But I have found this one guideline, to be very useful. And generally apply's to most folks.

Basically, it suggests: 45% of your investments, should be in cash flow, 45% in growth, and less than 10% in speculation or higher risk--higher reward vehicles.

In addition, when considering investments, start with CASH FLOW first, then growth, and lastly higher risk, higher reward. Build your cash flow, therefore, giving you some reserves, before, you start investing. Build multiple sources of cash flow. You should consider at least 3 but 7 or more, give you great diversity. For example, if you are working for a living (job), then get a rental property, an internet web site, and a cover call stock strategy. So, you if one source goes away, you can fall back on the other. Like if you are fired or let go, because of economic down turn (not that will ever happen..... :)).

If you combine this guideline, with some diversification, you have a GREAT wealth MATRIX. Here are a few examples:


  • Stock Investing: Cover Calls, Technical Analysis, or Credit Spreads. Each of these type of strategies, can lead to monthly cash flow.
  • Real Estate: Rentals, Apt ownership, or Vacation rentals (you own). The right time of positive cash flow real estate, is a great investment. Example right now 2011, you can buy bank owned property (REO), for 30k in Deland, Fl. Rent is about $ 850 a month. WOW. The ROI on that investment, if it stays rents, is awesome. Want to learn more, join my free newsletter, (CLICK HERE NOW). I will give you a 200 page real estate investing book for FREE.
  • Business: MLM. JOB income. or Web Site income. The biggest problem here is that most folks only rely on a JOB (just over broke). Get that second income stream going..... Maybe an Internet site. Check out out 25 business strategies now.


  • Stock. Buffets Approach, CANSLIM, or Fundamental Trading.
  • Real Estate. Buy and Hold. Forced Appreciation or Negotiation.
  • Business. Going public. Building cash flow. Buying Assets.


  • Stock: Options. Naked Calls.
  • Real Estate: Land development. Options. New Developments. Phased Appreciation.
  • Business: Going public. Stock options. Domain names.

It really does not matter what vehicle you start with, business, real estate or stock, because eventually you will be doing all of them. So, start.

Check out the MATRIX below:


If this interests you check out my m2 book!


11 Keys to Success-Lessons from 50 Millionaires & 2 Billionaires

Dream Big. All the millionaires I interview have big dreams. They believe that they are worth more than a 9-to-5 job and that there is more to life than working forty (or more) hours a week for forty years only to take a forty percent pay cut once they’ve reach retirement. These big dreamers are also prepared to risk money and time (accept reasonable risk) and just go for it. A number of them have even risked the farm a few times. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not asking you to do this, and I’m not asking you to put all your eggs in one basket and hope. However, you may consider taking a few of those hard-earned bucks and trying something new, maybe just part-time at first. Try building a small business, optioning a stock, or flipping some real estate for cash. You never know, I might be interviewing you next!

Get Out of your Comfort Zone. We all operate within a comfort zone, a specific way of living that we have become used to over time. Unfortunately, these comfort zones often hold us back from what we really want. For years, I believed I was worth about $50,000 a year, and during this time, $50,000 is what I was paid. I didn't’t know any better, so I kept working for another person and making less than I deserved. Then, I experienced an awakening and came to believe I was worth $250K a year. I quit my job and started my own business. Well, I did not hit the $250K that first year – but I did earn $245K that year! You must attack your comfort zone. You must get outside of it; push yourself to do things that you don’t like; push yourself to try new things; push your-self to break your poor habits and to discard your limiting beliefs. Push yourself past FEAR! All successful people ac-knowledge the undiscovered planet, the realm of the unknown and unfamiliar. Now, it’s your turn to join the ranks of these successful people.

 Work Smart, not Hard. Millionaires tend to work smarter, not harder. Don’t get me wrong; they are still prone to working 16-hour days, but they use their time much more effectively than others. They have a better plan for making money and a better plan for cashing in on their labor. And if they are going to work a sixteen hour day, they want to reap the fruit of their labor personally. Their time is worth way too much to waste on making money for someone else. Here are some intelligent strategies: Invest in real estate. Own a small business. Let your money make money. Invest in stocks. Manage, but do not do. Be unique in the marketplace. Find models and mentors who are successful, and pattern yourself after them. Trade money for time, not time for money!

The Quick and the Dead. One of the major rules for successful people is “Take Action!” While you are sitting their thinking, someone else is taking action. People are starting a new business, taking control of their credit, starting online companies, buying new homes or investing in property, cutting their taxes by 50%. Stop analyzing things to death and make a judgment. It’s time to take fast action.

Take Emotions out of Decisions. Confront FEAR! In our culture, we are taught to weigh both sides of a decision. For the most part, that’s good advice. It only becomes a problem once people get caught up in the weighing. They spend all their time searching for one more piece of information. They review it to death – “Should we? Shouldn't’t we?” By the time they make a decision, the opportunity is gone. For most people, there is only one reason why they miss opportunities – FEAR! You might experience fear of loss, fear of failure, or maybe fear of rejection. This fear is holding you back. It is costing you financially and emotionally. In contrast with this mentality, millionaires learn to conquer their fears, to push past them and concentrate on three simple things: first, the investment; second, the return; third, the probability of success. If an investment offers a good return, go for it! Even when you are petrified with fear, you just need to take that first step forward.

Total Commitment Successful people give everything that they have and never say the words, “I tried.” Either they get the result they are looking for or they don’t. They never hold back on a project. It keeps them up late and gets them up early. They work their regular jobs for 40 hours a week and then put in another 20 hours buying real estate or starting a small business–even when they’re tired. Let it not be said of you when you are old and gray that you “missed your dreams because you were watching TV.” All that you need to do is schedule some time for success. This can be as little as eight hours a week to start, Maybe, every Saturday morning or Mon-day night (Well, maybe Tuesday night during football season). Schedule the time and the results will follow.

Mentors. Mentors are worth their weight in gold. Take my word for it; this has been proven time and time again! Mentors will teach you things that you could never learn from a book, a self-study manual, a video, or a web site. When I first learned to golf, I already had experience playing hockey, but I found that swinging a golf club as if it was a hockey stick resulted in a terrible slice to the right. I bought every magazine, book, and video on golfing to correct the problem. I was cheap and didn't’t want to spend the money for lessons. After much strife, I decided that I was not the problem - it was the clubs! So, I bought new clubs (Fire sticks). Alas, those new clubs merely helped me drive the ball deeper into the trees. Finally, I broke down and bought some lessons and in the very first lesson the problem was corrected! Immediate feedback, a coach, or a mentor can get you on the path to success quickly.

Student of Success. Millionaires never stop learning. They continually study success. They study money, real estate, business, and asset-building. They have a thirst for new knowledge and they are the first to buy tapes, books, and manuals, or to seek further training. Several years ago, I documented purchases of over $81,000 for seminars, training, and self-study materials to improve my education. I couldn't’t have gotten to where I am now without this. Continuing education is a key to my success and to that of countless others as well. Invest in yourself first!

Bounce Back Well. Millionaires are by no means exempt from failures. They have losses, but they keep a positive attitude. They tell themselves, “I will get them next time. I just have to work a little harder or smarter to get a better result.” They know that all they need is a better plan and they remember that a flat ball doesn't’t bounce - so they keep it pumped up.

Selective Memory. There are no failures, only learning experiences. When successful people swing at a baseball, they do not remember the 66% of the time they miss; they remember the 34% of the time they get hits. They hold their success close and let go of their failures. The problem for most people is that they refuse to forget the last time they failed. It’s no wonder they stop swinging the bat. Selective memory is a key to success.

Don’t Quit. The character of men and women is not measured in the number of their failures but in the number of times they shake off those failures and try again. Ask Sylvester Stallone whose screenplay for Rocky was rejected over 300 times! Ask Edison who made more than 10,000 (no, that’s not a typo - TEN THOUSAND) attempts to invent the light bulb. Ask Lincoln who experienced failure a dozen times as he strove to acquire a political office. Success is just a decision and one step away! Never give up, and you will stay on the path to prosperity.

Sometimes we need a little extra push to get to success. PIck up a book by Brian Tracy on Goal setting or Self Discipline. Or any one of my TOP PICKS from Amazon. Each Book sure to put you on the path to investing and achievement.


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