Jim Francis Wealth Expert

Financial Expert Jim Francis, speaks on a variety of topics: Real Estate, Stocks, Business, Asset Protection, Negotiation, Selling, and even some Personal Development.

I would like to Create A Financial Miracle In Life!

It is not Sunday, and you don’t have to pray. But you do have to have a little faith, and you do have give a little stipend, to make the BIG money. We can create a MONEY MIRACLE and change your life! To greatly improve your trading. To dramatically build monthly cash flow. Every MONTH. To show you great investment vehicles like: Tax Liens, and Credit Spreads. To demonstrate effective tax strategies sure to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And if you want, to get you off the work tread mill. Breaking the generational curse of WORKING for a living. Allowing you to break free. Giving you more time, than you ever dream possible. Time to enjoy life. Time to spend with the kids. Time to focus on the tasks you where meant to do. Like giving back. Like giving to your family. Like just enjoying life. That is the real gift in making money. The gift of time.

The gift of waking up and thinking... today is mine... it is like a vacation day. You decide to play, work, and travel or hang out with the kids. The GIFT of TIME and enjoy life rather than reporting to the JOB. If you really want to be financially FREE. If you really want to invest in your self and your future, there is a small price to pay. Now I know many of you are saying, “You are going to ask me for money and I can’t afford that”. Let me suggest you that you can’t afford not to get involved. Your current plan is not working. You are behind on your bills, or just making it pay check to pay check. Or even worst, letting some one else manage your money. How is that plan working for you? Bet you said “not good”. Now is the time for you to take back control, and build a rich future. AND it is CHEAP too!

Check out his products, Credit Spreads, Asset Protection, or Sales Skills. OR you can read some recent financial articles and strategies on this web site. Check out his blog, on the left hand side (posts).

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Credit Spread System

Financial GURU Jim Francis teaches people about Wealth. Over 100 Strategies that can, make you or save you money. ONE of his favorite strategies is CREDIT SPREADS. Earn 6-8 percent a month, with less than 1 hour of investing per month. A high probability of winning, 9 out 10. Yes, this is a GREAT Cash Flow system or long term Wealth Building. Skip mutual funds, skip stocks, stop losing money in the stock market. learn a system that works.

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Speaking & Workshops

Jim is a seasoned speaker and training. In fact, he has trained over 400 plus speakers, domestically and internationally. Most of his talks are about financial strategies. A wealth plan. But he does talks on multiple topics: Negotiation, Sales Skills, Asset Protection, Selling from Stage, Real Estate, Business, Options, Peak Performance and Credit Spreads

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Jim does a limited number of group and individual mentorships, for select clients. The investment is 15k for 3 days, but we trade over 3 years of activity in 3 days. So, u know how to trade. How to earn 6-8 percent a month, with a 90 percent or greater probability. IT WORKS. You can but your money in the stock market and PRAY. Or you can know exactly how much you are going to earn this month.

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Credit Spreads, Real Estate, Asset Protection, Speaking, Selling and more. Take a look.